Seplat is leading Nigeria’s energy transition towards cleaner, accessible, affordable, and reliable energy that is accessible to all. Through partnerships and commitment, we support Nigeria’s economy and create value for all our stakeholders. Modern Nigeria is proud of its roots and is ambitious on the world stage; and so are we!

We have a significant track record of maximizing value from Upstream oil and gas assets located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. In addition, our midstream operations currently provide 30% of processed gas used for electricity in Nigeria, with new capacity coming onstream. Together with our host communities, we are gradually changing the Energy landscape that will ultimately improve the livelihoods of Nigerians.

 As a socially responsible organization with more than 10 years of experience in sustainability transformation, we understand that the social and economic well-being of our host communities is tightly connected to the Company’s success. This knowledge has shaped our rigorous CSR programs designed to advance a sustainable business environment